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Broadly there are two things you’ll want to decide about your cake: what it looks like on the outside, and what it tastes like on the inside.

First, the outside. You might fall in love with a design from our collection and decide you have to have it just as it is. This happens quite often as Suzanne has taken great care to design a contemporary collection which we think is pretty close to perfection.

But perhaps you want to make some changes, or have a whole new idea in mind, in which case you will want our bespoke service. Suzanne will design a cake of perfect proportions in exactly the shape, size, and colours you desire.

Our cakes are iced with soft fondant icing or Swiss meringue buttercream. Flowers, piping, personalisation’s or other little details are all created by hand and will make your cake truly a one-of-a-kind. Suzanne and her team work in meticulous detail to colour every life-like petal or leaf by hand.

Whether you choose a design from the Collection or a bespoke cake, you have endless possibilities when it comes to deciding what goes inside your cake. Every Suzanne Mills cake is freshly made to order using the highest quality ingredients including organic flour and real organic butter, free-range eggs, Madagascan vanilla, and Belgium or single origin chocolate.



You can mix and match the flavours of each tier thereby keeping chocoholics, lemon lovers and fruitcake purists all happy at once.  Some of our most popular flavours include:

Vanilla bean sponge layered with raspberry preserve and vanilla buttercream

Rich Belgium chocolate sponge with chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream

Lemon zest sponge with lemon curd buttercream

Espresso coffee sponge with chocolate orange buttercream

Spiced carrot cake with orange zest buttercream

Lemon zest sponge with a drizzle of elderflower and  elderflower buttercream

Coconut sponge with lime zest buttercream

Almond sponge with raspberries and raspberry buttercream

Smooth chocolate red velvet sponge with rich buttercream

Champagne infused sponge with strawberry preserve and champagne buttercream.

Classic coffee sponge with pecans and coffee buttercream

Banana sponge with butterscotch buttercream

Traditional vine fruit cake baked using the finest rum



Vanilla and white chocolate
Lemon with lemon curd
Raspberry and chocolate
Coffee with mocha chocolate
Lemon and elderflower

Suzanne uses her pâtisserie skills to cleverly combine flavours and combinations in spectacular ways; if you don’t see what you would like listed, please just ask us.

Our cakes are not suitable for people with nut allergy as they are prepared in an environment where nuts may be present.  We are always happy to discuss any other dietary requirements you may have and will do our best to come up with some tasty alternatives.

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